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Heating Emergency at American Steakhouse

 When American Steakhouse in Norwalk had a rooftop unit heater malfunction. They had a dining room full of customers that was getting colder by the minute. They called Controlled Air for help. Our technicians found the unit non-repairable. We located a stock unit and had the heat back in a timely manner so they did not lose any of their customers. They called for help and we responded. Another satisfied customer that knows when there is a problem with their HVAC system, “Who you gonna call ? Controlled Air, Inc.!” Submitted by Frank Lazowski


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Eco Company TV for Teens

Although not necessarily part of our field. I found this program for teens worthy of sharing, Eco Company TV. The program is a national tv and website run, organized, and hosted by teens around the country about green technology, sustainability, and eco-wise information. It is a great opportunity for teens to get involved in green technology and get a chance to be on television. We have all kids in our lives children, nieces or nephews, friends children, grandchildren, that may have some interest in this. If your business in green it might be a nice way to showcase your own business. Here is a link to the Eco Company site:

A little more about Eco Company from their website:

About Eco Company What does it mean to "go green" as a teen? More and more young people want to know the answer to that question. Now there's Eco Company, a national TV show on a quest to find answers. Eco Company is hosted by a dynamic group of teens who combine their natu…

Aliexion Recognized for Being Green

Alexion Pharmecuticals has been awards the 2010 Connecticut Green Council Green Advocate Award for environmental stewardship, as well as receiving two LEED Gold Certifications. They have set an amazing precedence for businesses in energy efficiency. It would be an amazing goal for all businesses to strive for. Alexion has reduced it's water usage and trash, as well as updated their HVAC system and lighting. Congratulations!